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The Linen Table

Our collection of linen homeware is woven using traditional techniques in the last remaining linen mill in Scotland. Keeping the long history of linen production in Scotland alive, the mill has been perfecting their craft on the same site since 1825.

Taking inspiration from the Scottish countryside, intricate line drawings are screen printed onto our linen products to make distinctive linen homeware that is perfect for any occasion.

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22 Items

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  1. A5 Linen Table POS Strut
  2. Bee Linen Tea Towel
  3. Bee Linen Table Runner
  4. Highland Cow Linen Tea Towel
  5. Stag Linen Tea Towel
  6. Highland Cow Linen Table Runner
  7. Stag Linen Table Runner
  8. 2 Hare Linen Place Mats
  9. 2 Highland Cow Linen Place Mats
  10. 2 Bee Linen Place Mats
  11. 2 Pheasant Linen Place Mats
  12. 2 Stag Linen Place Mats
  13. 4 Bee Linen Napkins
  14. 4 Hare Linen Napkins
  15. 4 Highland Cow Linen Napkins
  16. 4 Country Animals Linen Napkins
  17. 4 Pheasant Linen Napkins
  18. 4 Stag Linen Napkins
  19. Wooden POS Stand
  20. A5 Naturally Med POS Strut
  21. A5 Scottish Made POS Strut
  22. A5 Just Slate POS Strut

22 Items

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