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The Just Slate Company

Credited with creating the concept of slate tableware, we believe our slate products are still the best; handcrafted in Scotland from the finest slate, foam backed to protect your surfaces, and finished with a food safe coating. Just Slate offers a wide range of great gift ideas that make unique presents for all occasions.

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  1. Medium Bee Slate Serving Tray
  2. Large Pheasant Slate Serving Tray
  3. Large Highland Cow Slate Serving Tray
  4. Medium Highland Cow Slate Serving Tray
  5. Small Slate Pheasant Serving Tray
  6. Small Slate Highland Cow Serving Tray
  7. Large Slate Stag Serving Tray
  8. Medium Stag Slate Serving Tray
  9. Small Slate Stag Serving Tray
  10. A5 Just Slate POS Strut
  11. 4 Mini Antler Cheese Knives
  12. Heart Gold Serving Set
  13. Gold Nesting Bowls
  14. Large Country Friends Serving Tray
  15. Country Friends Cheese Board
  16. Quacking Ducks Cheese Board
  17. Kissing Hares Cheese Board
  18. 2 Country Friends Place Mats
  19. 2 Kissing Hares Place Mats
  20. 2 Quacking Ducks Place Mats
  21. 4 Country Friends Coasters
  22. 4 Quacking Ducks Coasters
  23. 4 Kissing Hares Coasters
  24. Pheasant Tray, Cheese Knife & Pheasant Bottle Stopper Gift Set
  25. Highland Cow Tray, Stainless Steel Cheese Knife & Highland Cow Bottle Pourer Gift Set
  26. Bee Cheese Board & Knife Gift Set
  27. Gold Bee Champagne/Prosecco Stopper
  28. Gold Bee Bottle Stopper
  29. Pheasant Bottle Opener
  30. Set of 6 Stag Engraved Whisky Stones
  31. Bee Salad Server Set
  32. Bee Breakfast Set
  33. Large Good Food is for Sharing Slate Serving Tray
  34. Bee Slate Table Runner
  35. Stag Prince Slate Table Runner
  36. Highland Cow Slate Table Runner

Items 1-36 of 217

Set Descending Direction
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